Friday, 18 March 2016

Boreal Mutant Shoe Review


First time it's been comfy - elastic slipper for tightness but not restrictive
Great rubber - super sticky
Used it on vertical, overhang, bouldering, routes, slab
Aggressive toe
Rubber for toe hooks - zenith - durable (1 month no wear)
Velcro super fast
Strong heel
GREAT overall shoe

Thinking of being a shoe model?

Today I am reviewing the new Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoe, and I will start off by saying, WOW, this is a good looking shoe. Not just the colour, not just the shape, but absolutely everything is aesthetically pleasing, to the point that people are noticing the shoes while I'm climbing. Outside of the aesthetics, it's truly the first comfortable climbing shoe I have ever had the opportunity to wear. It has an elastic slipper to keep the shoe tight to your foot, while not putting any unneeded pressure, or pain on the foot itself. Even with a single quick close Velcro strap, I have no trust issues with smearing and small foot holds. I know when my foot cranks down, the Mutant will remain tight, secure, and in place. The Mutant also has new Zenith rubber which is super sticky and great for heel hooks. It has a strong heel, and with the ultra thin rubber zone over the aggressive toe, I really love these shoes. I have used these shoes on vertical slab, overhang, bouldering and pretty much any application in climbing. I use these shoes both indoor and outdoor and it really stands up to the elements.  After 1 month of hard use, I am seeing no wear on the edging of the shoe. The Mutants really are amazing shoes, I cannot recommend these shoes enough. Great overall shoe, great for any application. 

Also, here is a good review for Boreal's Lynx Shoe, another personal favourite.


  1. I'm planning to buy this shoes and having some help from you would be amazing. Can you tell me which size of shoe are you using? and the lenght of your bare foot when standing up? Is the sizing ok or you wish you had a different size?

    1. go .5 smaller then his street shoe for snug. 1 down for tight fit. But depends on the model. Like the mutant fits tight with same street shoe size. But most is .5 down. My dharma are 9.5 US and I wear 10US street. Or You can order them from MEC in October

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  3. Where did you purchase your Mutant Shoes through?

  4. Wow, Lovely pretty climbing shoes. I really purchased this shoes. Thanks for your valuable sharing.